Advantages of Flying in Private Aircraft

Many people who are new to the concept of private chartered flights or private aircrafts often wonder how it is different from flying in a commercial airline. Are there any differences between the two? Is lying in a private aircraft is more luxurious? It makes sense to select a reputed provider for transport from Melbourne airport to CBD that also offers chartered flight service,

There are several merits of traveling in a private jet. Though, accommodations in a private jet can be quite luxurious, the key merits of availing a private aircraft are greater efficiency and convenience. Check out some of these advantages:

Do not need to board a flight from a busy airport

Passengers d not need to travel to a busy airport to get into an aircraft. If they are working or living near a smaller airport, it is easy to leave from there and thus avoid heavy traffic that is usually common at big commercial airports.

Confidentiality and privacy

When you fly in a private aircraft, you can be assured of confidentiality and privacy. There are limited passengers and the group on the board can even hold meetings and work without any interruptions while they are proceeding to their destination. A majority of these private aircraft have laptop connection points. Some even have fax machines and cabin phones. There are many private aircrafts where passengers can enjoy music, play games, watch movies and can even enjoy their favorite shows on satellite TV. The passengers can even shuffle their seats and walk around. If it is an overnight flight, passengers can even take rest on the beds.

Avail the FBO facility

In case the passengers need to leave from a busy commercial airport, they can do so from an FBO or Fixed Base of Operation. It is a small facility that does away with all the usual confusions in a busy commercial terminal. Earlier security was quite relaxed and those flying could even take their vehicles to the tarmac. However, now security is tighter and they have to park their vehicles in an adjoining parking space and thereafter take a shuttle to reach the aircraft. At some places, the parking spaces are offered free of cost to the private flyers. Private flyers need not part from their luggage and hence need not worry about their luggage getting damaged, dispatched to the wrong aircraft or getting lost.

Stress free travel

Private traveling is frustration and stress free as the passengers need not have to pass through the security lines. Though the captain of the aircraft may search the bags of the private flyers, there is no queue, wand, X-ray machine and removal of jewelry, belts and clothing.

10 Reasons to be in a Hospitality Job

The hospitality industry is one that can thrive even in the face of an economic meltdown but that cannot be the only reason why a huge multitude of people are on the lookout for hospitality jobs. Whether you’re working in a hotel, a resort, a cruise-line or a restaurant, your work-hours can be demanding and exhausting but that’s a small price to pay compared to the many perks that a hospitality job offers you. Here’s a take on ten reasons why a hospitality job can be wonderful:-

1. Letting your creative juices flow: When you’re in the hospitality industry, every day is a new day full of new challenges and new opportunities. From making food to planning events to simply decorating a room, you get to channel your creativity every day.

2. Scope for variety: There’s a lot of scope of horizontal movement. This makes sure that you’re never stuck at just one job but get to try your hand at and find out what works best.

3. Stepping stone into the bigger world: Skills you pick up while in a hospitality job are greatly transferable globally. This could make you suitable for quite a few profiles across the world and you get to travel to exotic locales.

4. Chances to climb up the ladder: If you’re not fond of the political games of most jobs and wish for vertical growth through sheer merit and hard-work, this is the job for you.

5. Not a monotonous desk-job: This is one of the least boring jobs possible. If you’re not a nine-to-five person and are willing to handle a very dynamic and energetic environment, you would love it.

6. Many windows of opportunity: There are various training institute today to make you hospitality-ready. Besides, the number of places to work in is growing really fast with a wide variety of opportunities.

7. Amazing perks: You get your fair share of fun and frolic while helping your guests have a great experience. From gourmet meals to free hotel stays to spa days, employee perks cover a wide array.

8. Great colleagues and ambience: The environment you get to work in is not only glamorous but also friendly and jovial because everyone in hospitality needs to possess a certain ‘joie de vivre’.

9. Safety, stability and security: Regardless of the situation of the economy, people tend to continue patronizing the hospitality industry whether for business or pleasure. This gives your job a stability that other industries might not be able to afford.

10. You get to make people happy: No feeling can be compared to the feeling of being able to make memories for people and putting a smile on someone’s face.

What’s even better is that these aren’t the only benefits of being in a hospitality job! If you get into organizations like The Fullerton Hotel or Boutique Bay Hotel Singapore that really care about their associates, you’ll not only get to enjoy an amazing job but also reap many rewards.